Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Printing Logbook Pro on Letter Size Pages with Portrait Orientation

Finally figured out how to get Logbook Pro and Acrobat to print on Portrait-sized pages.

Chose a "Normal two page output."

Use 11x17 pages.
Left 1.5"
Right 2"
Top 3.5"
Bottom 3.5"

You'll probably have to close and re-open the report several times. Ignore the smaller right side page, the most important part is the inner margin, where the hole punches go.

In Acrobat or your chosen PDF editor, check all of the pages and remove any blank ones.

Crop the odd pages with "Remove White Margins" selected. Do the same for the even pages.

Then crop to restore the inner margins, making sure the check for the "Remove White Margins" is cleared.

Add a blank page as the first page.

If desired, use a saved signature to show on the proper spot of each even page.

Print on the duplexer (send to Kinkos, etc.).

Punch holes, or be really smart and use pre-drilled paper.

Place in your favorite 3-ring binder. Decent leather ones are $2.99 or cheaper at Goodwill.

Enjoy. It only took me a few months of fussing to get this to come out right.